1. So I wake up this morning

    and someone has commented on my blog (hi!) that they found me via Desire to Inspire. OBVIOUSLY I didn’t believe them. i mean, OBVIOUSLY. and yet….and yet…there I am…my logoless mess of a header amongst a sea of cool blogs.

    and then - well, and then i panicked. my front page is full of friggen CHAIRS. so i’m putting together this post that summarizes the entire blog, and if you like it - then please, come on back. but not more than 2 or three times a week. i’m not that kind of blogger. yet.


    We’ve been in the house 4 months( before pictures here), and we’re doing a pretty budget-conscious renovation by making the best of what’s here, and being smart about what we add. We’ve actually accomplished a lot - but nothing is done, if you know what I’m saying. Here’s a synopsis:

    1) Bathroom

    2) Bedrooms

    3) The kitchen

    Also the wiring and the hardwood floors were refinished. Oh ya and we added a laundry room when we did the bathroom that is unphotographable as yet.

    Thanks for droppin’ by!